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Killer Plant Wholesale

Dormancy Spray

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Care Instructions

Grow Carnivorous Plants with Success!

The Killer Plant Company believes that carnivorous plants are easy to grow but only if you follow strict but simple instructions.

Customer Education

Every first order comes with an instructional display stand that details how to properly grow carnivorous plants. For more detailed instructions we have provided links to our website which contains step-by-step instructions, care guides, videos, FAQ's and live customer support.

Plant Tags

Each plant comes with its own plant tag with concise and accurate growing info as well as directions to more comprehensive growing guides detailed on our website.

Each order comes with a nursery guide on how to properly grow carnivorous plants in your greenhouse.

Proper Pot Type & Size

Unlike other carnivorous plant growers, we pot our plants in 5” deep plastic pots which are better suited for carnivorous plants root systems and ultimately their growth.

Proper Soil Type

We rely on two different blends of soil that accurately reflect carnivorous plants media conditions in the wild.

This approach is what makes our plants easier to grow. By providing the two different media types and giving the plant length to grow its roots, you’ll find that our plants are the most successful!

LED Growing Terrarium


One of the tricks to growing carnivorous plants is giving them full sunlight in the outdoors. However, many first time growers will want to grow these plants indoors. Our LED terrarium provides the perfect amount of light for growing carnivorous plants indoors so that any beginner can bring the wonders of carnivorous plants into their home.

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Overall Presentation

Most carnivorous plant displays are either underwhelming or offer misleading growing advice. Our presentation is designed to successfully grow carnivorous plants through education and proper set up. The only thing you need to do is continually fill the tray with distilled water.

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