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Masters Grow Pot

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Growing Giant Carnivorous Plants is Easy!

The secret to growing massive carnivorous plants is really no secret at all. They just want deep pots with the right soil mixture. Each first order of our Master's Grow Pot and Master's Instructional Guides receives a free Pop Instructional 'Growing Giants' Display Stand that educates customers on what it takes to grow giant carnivorous plants, make moving additional growing products a breeze.

Deep Root Structures

In order to grow giants, you need the right size pot. 9" deep will produce some of largest traps and pitchers you've ever seen. With it's excellent structure, and unique drainage holes, this pot retains the right amount of aeriation that carnivorous plants need to thrive!

Proper Soil Type

We rely on two different blends of soil that accurately reflect carnivorous plants media conditions in the wild.

This approach is what makes our plants easier to grow. By providing the two different media types and giving the plant length to grow its roots, you’ll find that between our growing giants instructional display and the sheer size of our plants, you'll be able to sell through three products at once.